The first smart mirror for gyms.

Our machines capture every detail to give you superhuman insight into your technique.

Give your trainers superpowers.

  • 60+ different exercises

    Provides detailed motion analysis of 65 of the most common barbell and dumbbell exercises - squats, snatches, deadlifts, and many more.
  • Video Replay

    With an instant video replay, your trainers can easily point out mistakes in a way their clients will understand.
  • Spine Curvature

    Tracks rounding or bending of the back which is the key source of injuries in most barbell exercises.
  • On-screen timer

    Track the duration of your assessment's sets and rests.
  • Instant bar path

    Any barbell is tracked as it moves through space, giving you critical insights into balance and form.
  • Bar path analytics

    Squat depth, barbell velocity, bar tilt, and instability are tracked.
  • Joint tracking

    Tracks 26 joints in the body 30 times a second to give you a 3D picture of motion.

Critical insights into 60+ exercises
like Snatches

Work out with SmartSpot, and every aspect of your motion is tracked.
When you're done, you'll get precise feedback, specific to each exercise.

SmartSpot Motion Assessment

The SmartSpot Motion Assessment is the perfect tool for identifying where your clients need to improve. By tracking every joint in the body, as well as the motion of the barbell in space, we're able to give your trainers everything they need to supercharge your motion assessment regimen. Developed by professional CPTs, our system tracks a variety of important parameters such as:

  • Inter-knee Distance

    Your knee positioning is tracked at 60fps so you can see the slightest changes in your client's form.

  • Balance Tracking

    With 4 tracking points along the spine, SmartSpot is able to detect left-right and forward-backward imbalances with ease.

  • Bar Path Tracking

    Maining a consistant bar path is critical to proper form. Any ordinary barbell will be tracked at 30fps.

  • Spinal Curvature

    A rounded back can cause critical lower-back injuries as well as limit the strength of a weightlifter. Our machine can determine the difference between a straight back and one rounded as little as 3 degrees.

Keep your clients on the road to success

All your clients' data is stored in the cloud automatically and accessible on a variety of devices, so everyone can be held accountable.

Instant results on the workstation

A beautiful printout clients can take home

Track your progress with our iOS app

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